Get inspired. Make a thing.

It's hard to tell now as I'm constantly chattering at work, tweeting online and posting opinions and images - but honestly I grew up soft-spoken and shy.

Writing allowed me to explore a talent, connect with people, learn about myself and the world around me. It led to a career. 

Truthfully, my shy demeanor gave way to a whole host of varied interests. A full-fledged nerd at heart I grew up on a steady diet of Star Wars, scary movies, heavy metal shows and still managed to make it to class on time. 

Given all of the above, I've become convinced as of late that Comedian and TV host Chris Hardwick might well be my spirit animal.

Pop culture fanatics know and love him from such shows as AMC's Talking Dead and Comedy Central's @Midnight or remember his hosting duties on MTV's Singled Out. Lately I have tuned in incessantly on morning commutes to his podcasts.

Nerdist features informal celebrity chats so engaging, you feel like you're invited into a secret inner-circle of old friends who love comics, argue over movie directors, name-drop cool indie bands for cred and watch horror movies in any season.

These are my people.

I've found no real pretentiousness, but loads of fun (not to mention achingly personal talk about topics close to my heart like overcoming addiction and dealing with the loss of a parent). 

But the most inspiring thing I've found so far? Hardwick is a proponent of finding what you love - and going after it. In his words? Go make a thing. 

Go for it. Go make a thing. What are you waiting for? 


Writers are constantly faced with the blank page. In PR, as in many jobs, we are asked to make something amazing out of nearly nothing at all - and we do so every day. Starting with little information, or a spark of inspiration - the unbelievable can happen.

In 2014 Hardwick summed up perfectly this philosophy for, saying:

"I thought, I’m going to make a thing that is just mine that no one can tell me what or how to do. I will have full ownership over it and I will make it what I want. I’m going to do it because it’s fun, it’s with my friends, and we’ll have guests on and we’ll have conversations.

It's that simple. All else follows. I've seen it in business owners I have worked for - whose passion has made their bars, restaurants, fashion events, products and brands the very best they can be and a pleasure to promote. I've seen it in the amazing people who have entrusted me with telling their stories at newspapers, in magazines and online. The very best moments leave you with a warm heart, and a lot of hope.

I love everything about this idea. I was inspired by it and hope you are too.

What would you do, or make if you could devote time to anything at all?