Meet Prologue: New adventures in PR, events, writing, social media

No one will believe me now, but I am far from a risk-taker. 

I prefer to know what the road ahead looks like. Throughout my reporting and editing career I have always sought out meaningful stories, kept copious notes and met my deadlines. As a PR and social media manager my job has been to map that road out and help other businesses stay in the best possible lane. 

As of now, though, I'm driving right into the unknown.

Leaving the perceived comfort and stability of a full time job to pursue everything I know and love wasn't an easy decision. I am grateful for the advice and support of all of the creative friends and longtime colleagues who have helped me build the groundwork over the past two decades. After spending 11 amazing years as a professional print journalist covering hard news, education, arts, entertainment and beauty; after developing strong connections and creating programs as a PR and social media professional specializing in the food and beverage industry for 7 more, I am venturing out, my own media roadmap-in-hand.

This is the beginning of my own story.

Meet Prologue. What's your story?

Throughout  my career I have always said "Everyone has a story." That belief is the basis behind every facet of this decision. For those interested in learning more, or with a project in mind, I look forward to the ways we can work together. From writing projects to coordinating events, PR and social strategies, I'm eager to see what's to come.

Welcome to Prologue. 

At Prologue we will always be:

  • Honest – We tell the truth. We are experienced advisors and business partners you can count on.
  • Enterprising – We’ll make things happen. We will uncover your goals and measure success as we partner to achieve them.
  • Inventive – We’ll customize your program or writing project based on your needs and audience, with creativity and accuracy at the forefront.
  • On Deadline – We'll respect your timelines, and meet or exceed expectations to ensure results.

How might we work together? 

Stephanie Angelyn Casola founded Prologue as a writer, social media and PR professional with more than two decades of experience in media. She's addicted to wi-fi and minimalist design, holds high expectations for coffee, craft beer and pizza, and grew up an avid fan of scary movies. Recently dubbed the "Queen Bee of hustle, media relations and coolness" if she's not working, she's probably ducking into a movie, rock show or museum (so she'll text you after).