Business on a Mission: What principles guide your work?

When I announced I had started my own business, specializing in Detroit public relations and events, the news might as well have come soft-opening style - to use a term common to my restaurant and retail industry clientele. I wasn't convinced some colleagues understood that Prologue wasn't just a freelance endeavor or a side project. I was and am all-in. So for all the high-fives and congrats I happily received, I was greeted with as many unexpected employment offers and curious questions.

Ever thankful for all those who always care enough and think to look out for me in any and every way possible, appreciative for the recommendations, the referrals and the high-fives too, I bet I was among the most surprised at the decision to become a real-deal entrepreneur at the very moment that I chose to do so.

A friend summed it up best when he asked: "Did you have a Jerry Maguire moment?"

My former movie critic and inner Cameron Crowe fan couldn't help but love this question. Yes, I guess so! I made the move to set out on my own, pave my own way and focus on the work I love. I did so in complete faith it was the best decision to further my career, professional satisfaction and overall health and happiness. If that isn't the start of a Jerry Maguire style, life-altering Mission Statement, well, I don't know what is.

Just over three months in, I couldn't be happier, more thankful - or busier. 

It has led me to think about the principles that guide us all, in business. To think about the way we do business, or aim to do our work in a way that we can be proud, fulfilled and successful. I set out each day to achieve the following for myself, for Prologue's clients: Be honest. Be enterprising. Think inventively - because what's life if not creative? And to deliver results on deadline, even before they are expected.

I don't know what Jerry Maguire would say, but I think those are a solid core of guiding principles to get the day going around here. What are yours?

Stephanie Angelyn Casola founded Prologue as a writer, social media and PR professional with more than two decades of experience in media. She's a proud producer on the team that bring will bring you TEDxDetroit 2017. She is addicted to wi-fi and minimalist design. Stephanie holds high expectations for coffee, craft beer and pizza, and grew up an avid fan of scary movies. Recently dubbed the "Queen Bee of hustle, media relations and coolness" when she's not working or traveling, she's probably ducking into a movie, rock show or museum. Email her at