How to run a business without running yourself down

Being a business owner means long work days, innovative ideas and the inspiring freedom to take a path less traveled or devote time to a cause that can encourage positive change. 

When that business is tied to real deadlines - like public relations, journalism or social media all tend to be - staying active and healthy isn't always easy to fit into the schedule. But it's crucial to keeping up the pace. Here are four tips to help entrepreneurs or anyone stay on track and strive for success in the new year.

1. Stay hydrated - Whether it's running from one writing assignment to the next, meeting clients and business partners or connecting with the media, it's not always easy to remember something as simple as drinking enough water. Keep a favorite water bottle handy or line your desk with a few glasses of fresh water so you'll always have a healthy drink nearby.

Pro-tip: Keep fresh water, a favorite journal, stress-relieving balms - along with a favorite healthy habit like jumping rope - nearby for a workday reprieve.

Pro-tip: Keep fresh water, a favorite journal, stress-relieving balms - along with a favorite healthy habit like jumping rope - nearby for a workday reprieve.

2. Keep moving - Start the day at the same time and make time to head straight to the gym. Get in a stress-busting, mind-clearing workout, or at least take time out for a walk in the fresh air, and you'll be more creative and productive all day long. Stuck indoors? Take your calls standing or walking around the office. Opt for walking meetings or take a jumprope break.

3. Eat consciously - Prone to forgetting meals or getting hangry at a long meeting? We get it. Turn it around with a little planning, cooking ahead of time or even a little menu help to eat healthy. If you're too busy to prepare a healthy meal, have it delivered by a service like Detroit's Better Woodman. Keep a healthy snack in your desk or laptop bag for emergencies (or days when the hours race by). Track calories and make good meal choices with apps like Lose It. It'll make those stress-induced fast food stops a thing of the past. 

4. Find silence - We live around and on screens. It's hard to avoid them. We go from a quick check of notifications on a smart phone to catching up on the news on a tablet or TV to all-in work mode online. Alexa and Spotify offer up the weather or music whenever we want it. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to find some screen-free quiet time to relax and reduce stress. Try a meditation app like Headspace or Happify. Or simply log off, disconnect, enjoy time with friends, read a book or journal to clear your mind.

How do you stay happy and healthy, despite an all-encompassing job? Tell us in the comments.

Stephanie Angelyn Casola founded Prologue as a writer, social media and PR professional with more than two decades of experience in media. She is a proud TEDxDetroit producer, blogger and admits she is addicted to wi-fi and minimalist design. Stephanie holds high expectations for coffee, craft beer, sushi and pizza, and grew up an avid fan of scary movies. Dubbed the "Queen Bee of hustle, media relations and coolness" when she's not working or traveling, she's probably checking out a movie, rock show or museum. Email her at