Storytelling Services

Prologue experts can help you write or share your own story. Here's how. . .


The digital world requires more of media professionals and news organizations than ever. From content to reporting to copyediting - even on deadline and at lightning fast speeds - Prologue pros create informative, attention-grabbing and search-friendly online content. We believe journalism sets a solid foundation for any Prologue project. 

Media Relations

When it comes to promoting a business, product or event, strong relationships, strategy, planning and on-brand messaging should be handled with care. Seeking insight into how and when to approach media, asking for advice and support in challenging times, and partnering to reach evolving business goals are all possible through strategic media relations, community relations or public relations work. Prologue offers these options and will provide those best suited to your business.

The Power of events

There is power in numbers. Events can create the perfect forum for a message, an introduction to a brand, and - of course - events draw media attention too. From a small group to a sell-out crowd, Prologue can conceptualize or coordinate an event with you, and promote it to ensure it reaches the right audience.


Managing your own brand online takes time, thought and effort. Whether that means choosing the right networks, developing a strategy, taking a second look at the options available or managing content tools, social media offers returns. If you're looking to protect your business, increase visibility, explore how a product will be received, or grow, Prologue understands the strategies to achieve it. Talk to us about resources for managing day-to-day content and we'll connect you with professionals who fit your needs. We partner with digital firms for day-to-day content and community management to ensure the coverage you need and are ready to add to your communications plan.

Branding and advertising

If the medium is the message, it should be aimed straight for your audience, reflecting the brand's identity. Ask us for resources on how to streamline your branding needs. We partner with professional photographers, videographers, digital marketers, IT and web services to provide a full program to fit your needs.

Here is where your story begins.